TSX Listings

#Company NameExchange NameIPO Year
AAB Aberdeen International Inc. TSX 20080130
AAV Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd. TSX 20010529
ABT Absolute Software Corporation TSX 20051202
ABX Barrick Gold Corporation TSX 19830502
AC Air Canada TSX 20061123
ACB Aurora Cannabis Inc. TSX 20170724
ACD Accord Financial Corp. TSX 19920617
ACO Atco Ltd. TSX 19680308
ACQ AutoCanada Inc. TSX 20060510
ACR Agellan Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust TSX 20130125
ACZ American Core Sectors Dividend Fund TSX 20131219
AD Alaris Royalty Corp. TSX 20081118
ADC First Asset Canadian Convertibles Fund TSX 20101221
ADN Acadian Timber Corp. TSX 20060130
ADW Andrew Peller Limited/Andrew Peller Limitee TSX 19720829
AEF Acasta Enterprises Inc. TSX 20170106
AEM Agnico Eagle Mines Limited TSX 19571227
AEZS AEterna Zentaris Inc. TSX 19951218
AFN AG Growth International Inc. TSX 20040517
AGF AGF Management Limited TSX 19680819
AGI Alamos Gold Inc. TSX 20040621
AGT AGT Food and Ingredients Inc. TSX 20090918
AHY Advantaged Canadian High Yield Bond Fund TSX 20110330
AI Atrium Mortgage Investment Corporation TSX 20120904
AIF Altus Group Limited TSX 20050518
AII Almonty Industries Inc. TSX 20180601
AIM Aimia Inc. TSX 20050628
AJX AgJunction Inc. TSX 19970312
AKG Asanko Gold Inc. TSX 20081222
AKT Akita Drilling Ltd. TSX 19930108
AKU Akumin Inc. TSX 20171201
ALA AltaGas Ltd. TSX 20000117
ALB Allbanc Split Corp. II TSX 20060208
ALC Algoma Central Corporation TSX 19580527
ALO Alio Gold Inc. TSX 20110323
ALS Altius Minerals Corporation TSX 20070115
AMM Almaden Minerals Ltd. TSX 19900518
ANX Anaconda Mining Inc. TSX 20070418
AOI Africa Oil Corp. TSX 20140506
AP Allied Properties Real Estate Investment Trust TSX 20030219
APH Aphria Inc. TSX 20170322
APR Automotive Properties Real Estate Investment Trust TSX 20150722
APS Aptose Biosciences Inc. TSX 19930604
APY Anglo Pacific Group PLC TSX 20100709
AQA Aquila Resources Inc. TSX 20070528
AQN Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp. TSX 19971223
AQY Alignvest Acquisition II Corporation TSX 20170525
AR Argonaut Gold Inc. TSX 20091230
ARE Aecon Group Inc. TSX 19871231
ARG Amerigo Resources Ltd. TSX 20040323
ARX ARC Resources Ltd. TSX 19960711
ARZ Aralez Pharmaceuticals Inc. TSX 20160209
ASM Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd. TSX 20180108
ASND Ascendant Resources Inc. TSX 20170720
ASO Avesoro Resources Inc. TSX 20110413
ASP Acerus Pharmaceuticals Corporation TSX 20110719
ASR Alacer Gold Corp. TSX 20030718
ATA ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc. TSX 19931221
ATD Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. TSX 19991206
ATH Athabasca Oil Corporation TSX 20100407
ATL Atlatsa Resources Corporation TSX 20140205
ATP Atlantic Power Corporation TSX 20041117
ATZ Aritzia Inc. TSX 20161003
AUG Auryn Resources Inc. TSX 20161101
AUMN Golden Minerals Company TSX 20090716
AUP Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc. TSX 20140616
AVL Avalon Advanced Materials Inc. TSX 20080228
AVP Avcorp Industries Inc. TSX 19961127
AW A&W Revenue Royalties Income Fund TSX 20020214
AX Artis Real Estate Investment Trust TSX 20060417
AXR Alexco Resource Corp. TSX 20060125
AYM Atalaya Mining plc TSX 20101220
AZ Arizona Mining Inc. TSX 20110719
AZP Atlantic Power Preferred Equity Ltd. TSX 20070524
AZZ Azarga Uranium Corp. TSX 20071101
BAD Badger Daylighting Ltd. TSX 19970605
BAM Brookfield Asset Management Inc. TSX 19790820
BANK BMO Global Banks Hedged to CAD Index ETF TSX 20170407
BAR Balmoral Resources Ltd. TSX 20130816
BB BlackBerry Limited TSX 19971028
BBD Bombardier Inc. TSX 19460502
BBL Brampton Brick Limited TSX 19861113
BBU Brookfield Business Partners L.P. TSX 20160531
BCB Cott Corporation TSX 19861210
BCE BCE Inc. TSX 19050711
BCI New Look Vision Group Inc. TSX 19991206
BDI Black Diamond Group Limited TSX 20060925
BDT Bird Construction Inc. TSX 20060227
BEI Boardwalk Real Estate Investment Trust TSX 19951106
BEK Becker Milk Company Ltd. (The) TSX 19670525
BEP Brookfield Renewable Partners L.P. TSX 19991118
BGC Bristol Gate Concentrated Canadian Equity ETF TSX 20180221
BGI Brookfield Global Infrastructure Securities Income Fund TSX 20130718
BGU Bristol Gate Concentrated US Equity ETF TSX 20180221
BIG Big 8 Split Inc. TSX 20030902
BIP Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. TSX 20090910
BIR Birchcliff Energy Ltd. TSX 20050721
BK Canadian Banc Corp. TSX 20050714
BKCH Horizons Blockchain Technology & Hardware Index ETF TSX 20180621
BKI Black Iron Inc. TSX 20110328