#Company NameExchange NameIPO Year
A Armor Minerals Inc. TSXV 20080129
AA Alba Minerals Ltd. TSXV
AAA.P Avanco Capital Corp. TSXV 20170322
AAB Aberdeen International Inc. TSX 20080130
AAD Added Capital Inc. TSXV 20120328
AAJ.P AAJ Capital 1 Corp. TSXV 20180130
AAL Advantage Lithium Corp. TSXV 20071030
AAN Aton Resources Inc. TSXV 20080821
AAO Augusta Industries Inc. TSXV
AAP Alpha Peak Leisure Inc. TSXV 20130131
AAT ATI Airtest Technologies Inc. TSXV
AAV Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd. TSX 20010529
AAX Advance Gold Corp. TSXV 20070925
AAZ Azincourt Energy Corp. TSXV 20120501
ABCN ABcann Global Corporation TSXV 20071002
ABI Abcourt Mines Inc. TSXV
ABM Athabasca Minerals Inc. TSXV 20060213
ABN Aben Resources Ltd. TSXV
ABRA Abraplata Resource Corp. TSXV
ABT Absolute Software Corporation TSX 20051202
ABX Barrick Gold Corporation TSX 19830502
ABZ AsiaBaseMetals Inc. TSXV 20091103
AC Air Canada TSX 20061123
ACB Aurora Cannabis Inc. TSX 20170724
ACD Accord Financial Corp. TSX 19920617
ACO Atco Ltd. TSX 19680308
ACP ArcPacific Resources Corp. TSXV 20130619
ACQ AutoCanada Inc. TSX 20060510
ACR Agellan Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust TSX 20130125
ACS Archon Minerals Limited TSXV
ACST Acasti Pharma Inc. TSXV 20110331
ACU Aurora Solar Technologies Inc. TSXV 20071029
ACZ American Core Sectors Dividend Fund TSX 20131219
AD Alaris Royalty Corp. TSX 20081118
ADC First Asset Canadian Convertibles Fund TSX 20101221
ADD Arctic Star Exploration Corp. TSXV
ADE Adex Mining Inc. TSXV 20070716
ADG Arcus Development Group Inc. TSXV 20071023
ADK Diagnos Inc. TSXV
ADN Acadian Timber Corp. TSX 20060130
ADW Andrew Peller Limited/Andrew Peller Limitee TSX 19720829
ADZ Adamera Minerals Corp. TSXV
ADZN Adventus Zinc Corporation TSXV 20170209
AEC Anfield Energy Inc. TSXV 20110411
AEF Acasta Enterprises Inc. TSX 20170106
AEM Agnico Eagle Mines Limited TSX 19571227
AEP Atlas Engineered Products Ltd. TSXV
AET Aethon Minerals Corporation TSXV 20120426
AEX AEX Gold Inc. TSXV 20170713
AEZS AEterna Zentaris Inc. TSX 19951218
AFCC Automotive Finco Corp. TSXV 20170308
AFE Africa Energy Corp. TSXV 20101012
AFF Affinity Metals Corp. TSXV
AFM Alphamin Resources Corp. TSXV
AFN AG Growth International Inc. TSX 20040517
AGB Atlantic Gold Corporation TSXV 20120323
AGC Amarillo Gold Corporation TSXV
AGD Antioquia Gold Inc. TSXV 20080805
AGF AGF Management Limited TSX 19680819
AGG African Gold Group, Inc. TSXV
AGI Alamos Gold Inc. TSX 20040621
AGL Aguila American Gold Limited TSXV
AGLD Austral Gold Limited TSXV 20160822
AGM Aldridge Minerals Inc. TSXV
AGO AurCrest Gold Inc. TSXV
AGRL Aguia Resources Limited TSXV 20170706
AGT AGT Food and Ingredients Inc. TSX 20090918
AGZ Ashanti Gold Corp. TSXV
AHE American Helium Inc. TSXV
AHI Agility Health, Inc. TSXV 20110929
AHP Allied Hotel Properties Inc. TSXV
AHR Amarc Resources Ltd. TSXV
AHS Alta Natural Herbs & Supplements Ltd. TSXV
AHU Arctic Hunter Energy Inc. TSXV 20110610
AHY Advantaged Canadian High Yield Bond Fund TSX 20110330
AI Atrium Mortgage Investment Corporation TSX 20120904
AIF Altus Group Limited TSX 20050518
AII Almonty Industries Inc. TSX 20180601
AIII.P Apolo III Acquisition Corp. TSXV 20180404
AIIM Albert Mining Inc. TSXV
AIM Aimia Inc. TSX 20050628
AIMB.P AIM2 Ventures Inc. TSXV 20180214
AIS A.I.S. Resources Limited TSXV
AJX AgJunction Inc. TSX 19970312
AKG Asanko Gold Inc. TSX 20081222
AKH Alaska Hydro Corporation TSXV 20080905
AKR Ackroo Inc. TSXV
AKT Akita Drilling Ltd. TSX 19930108
AKU Akumin Inc. TSX 20171201
AL ALX Uranium Corp. TSXV 20080507
ALA AltaGas Ltd. TSX 20000117
ALB Allbanc Split Corp. II TSX 20060208
ALC Algoma Central Corporation TSX 19580527
ALD Aldever Resources Inc. TSXV
ALEF Aleafia Health Inc. TSXV 20110729
ALG Algold Resources Ltd. TSXV 20111123
ALI Altitude Resources Inc. TSXV 20120315
ALM Alliance Mining Corp. TSXV 20120127
ALO Alio Gold Inc. TSX 20110323